Together • Helping • Educating
North East Texas

4th Sunday of Every Month | 3-6 PM

Meeting will be in the Tyler, TX area. (fill out the form below for specific location details)

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What is it all about

Homesteaders, preppers, survivalists, they're all around us and go by many different names. You likely identify with these labels. So do we.


Most of us are busy building liberty and self-sufficiency in our own lives, which is a good thing, but, at times, it can feel a bit like you're the only one doing so. Since we know there are hundreds, if not thousands of like-minded families in North East Texas, we are starting a group to bring them together.

Why is it called "THE NET"?

THE NET stands for Together • Helping • Educating - North East Texas

Together: We know and value the right to individual privacy. This group will always respect that. At times, however, we are better together. There are some things in life and particular circumstances that require more manpower than you may have on your homestead. It is times like these where a group of people you know like and trust can make or break the situation.

Helping: Rugged individualism is at the core of this great country, state, and the "subculture" we belong to. But we all need help from time to time. It may be a literal or metaphorical barn raising or a SHTF situation; when you need help fast, we want to be there.

Educating: Most homesteaders/preppers pride themselves in knowing a little about everything. The truth is, though, we all have a lot to learn. Each member of the group has a unique skillset or angle in which they can benefit the other members. Whether it's medical preparedness, marketing, canning, or raising pigs for profit, there's a lot we can learn from each other.

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